Ball Brothers Singing Concert

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We will be going to see the Ball Brothers in concert
on Saturday, October 14th in Iola. Anyone is welcome to 
ride along with us! The concert starts at 6:00. We will be
leaving the church at 3:30, grabbing some dinner,
then heading to the church where the concert will be held.

Grace Chat

Our monthly Grace Chat will be on October 
18th at Karen Compton’s house. We have
decided to change the meeting time to 6:00. So
from here on out, we will be meeting at 6:00
instead of  7:00!

Community Praise And Worship Service

This year’s Community Praise and Worship
Service will be on Wednesday, October 11th at
6:00 pm at the Cornerstone Christian Church.
We will have worship, singing specials, and testimonies
from a variety of churches in our community. It 
will be an amazing night! We hope you join us!